We won’t tell you to follow your dreams, we assume you’re already doing that. We prefer to get straight to the key strategies you can use to massively grow your music career.

The Grow My Music - Mobile App

It's like your own Virtual Artist Manager!

The Grow My Music "Virtual Artist Manager" APP is a first of its kind.
Each month it services subscribed artists songs to new music companies for them to consider like Streaming Services, Publishers, Booking Agents and more!

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Online Course

There are no assessments, just information rich content broken down to be learned fast and easily. Jam packed full of incredible resources and short videos, each averaging 10 minutes in length each. We call this form of education ‘snacking’. Students can learn anywhere at anytime on computer or mobile.

Get a Free Course Guide

Enter your details below to receive a free course guide and a consultation with a Grow My Music Enrolment Specialist.

All participants are guaranteed 1/9 things

  • Industry Consult A one on one consult session with a high-profile industry expert in an area of your choosing. This could be a manager, hit-song writer, producer, festival promoter, record label or publisher A & R, social media expert and more). We will set the meeting up to propel your career forward.

  • Grow My Music Partner List Contacts to EVERYTHING an artist or industry type could imagine. From mix and master engineers, to hit producers, to quality merch companies, to video clip directors, to highly effective publicists, to merch and CD pressing companies and MORE! All partners offer GMM students their services at a discounted rate!

  • A Customized Action Plan This is a detailed plan of EVERYTHING you need to do in the lead up, the day of, and after your release. You’ll nail your release every time!

  • Social Media Cheat Sheet Designed to increase the productivity and virility of each social media endeavour across multiple platforms.

  • Contracts Students are provided with easy to appropriate, common contracts ALL artists and managers use. Developed by Arts Lawyers and worth collectively over $7,000. THESE ARE ESSENTIAL!

  • Master Classes Access to ALL our master classes delivered by current experts in their field. Including Hit song writing, music business & management, mastering your live show, production & engineering, legal, musician accounting, lyricism, and video strategy.

  • Additional Resources A huge amount of resources which you can use to plan, execute and fast track your success. All professional artists and managers use these!

  • Private Facebook Group This is a closed group exclusively allocated to Grow My Music students. It provides direct access to ask questions to Grow My Music coaches. Networking and co-writing opportunities are generated every day through here as well.

  • All Round Access If you enroll in the online course you’re also welcome to attend the 2-Day Seminar and vice versa.


Triple J High Rotation

Congratulations to Grow My Music student Fluir on securing high rotation on Triple J with her single ‘Only One’.

“Was extremely helpful”

“Thanks for putting together the Grow My Music Seminar, was extremely helpful and a great way to meet fellow musicians.” – Fluir

‘I wish’ to ‘I can’

“We are now making money in our sleep and we have signed a record deal for Japan/Korea with one of the biggest indie labels in that region.”

- Au Dre

Greatly exceeded my expectations.

"I would recommend the Grow My Music Seminar to any solo artist, band or manager who is trying to make a career out of music..."

- Alex Campbell

From 4.5k page likes to 20k

I went from 4.5k page likes to 20k in the space of a week! I want to give a huge thank you to Grow My Music to having a huge confidence in social media and marketing my music.."

- Minicoop

"Do yaself a fava"

"Grow My Music taught me that I CAN make money from music, and here's exactly how..."

- Vic Young

A BIG shortcut for musicians

"Grow my music is a BIG shortcut for musicians and strategies to implement for successful exciting careers plus getting all the foundations right..."

- Lacunae Glow

Best thing I’ve done all year!

"The GMM 2 Day Seminar was hands down the best thing I’ve done all year for my music career..."

- Tartie

"Giving my business a complete overhaul"

“I have been sinking my teeth into the course modules and giving my business a complete overhaul from the things I am learning” - Rachael Rutkowski
(Rucka Managament)

Partnered with the best.

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