• Can I try the app for free?
  • Yes, through the app we offer a 1-month trial.

  • When you say the Grow My Music App ‘services my music to music companies’, what does that mean?
  • Servicing your music means we pitch your music to them. Typically this is done by physically sitting down and playing your music to them. This is why Grow My Music is so successful in creating positive outcomes for our app subscribers.

  • What music companies does the Grow My Music App pitch my music to?
  • We disclose to app subscribers via email each month what companies Grow My Music has played your music to. For advertising reasons, we cannot list companies names publically via Grow My Music’s marketing. Please note that we are extremely plugged into the global music industry and in particular the Australian Music industry so they are all tier 1 companies which include the leading streaming services, major record labels and publishers and more.

  • What is the ‘Virtual Artist Manager’ Subscription within the App?
  • It’s a bridge to assist artists secure ‘bigger picture’ opportunities that will make huge differences to their career. It’s also a team builder, a tool to network with incredible contacts, and saves artists money.

  • Where can I download the Grow My Music App from?
  • It’s available on iOS and Android here hyperurl.co/growmymusicapp

  • What results have passed students achieved?
  • Passed students have landed label and publishing deals, grown their following by over 20,000 organically in under a week on Facebook, gained high rotation on national radio including Triple J, signed booking agent deals, landed major support tours, worked with hit producers, secured sync opportunities for their music to appear on major movies and TV shows and saved thousands of dollars in money they would have previously spent aimlessly whilst also increasing their own income considerably. Feel free to view some of our students testimonials here.

  • If I sign up to the Online Course am I then able to attend the 2-Day Seminar for free?
  • Yes.

  • If I sign up for the 2-Day Seminar do I get access to the Online Course for free?
  • Yes.

  • I only want the Online Course. Is it compulsory to do the 2-Day Seminar as well?
  • The content is very similar across both so it’s not compulsory. All the content is within the Online Course so it’s not a necessity. The 2-Day Seminar is an amazing networking opportunity and a different experience and way of learning all together to the Online Course, so we strongly recommend.

  • I only want to attend the 2-Day Seminar, is it compulsory to do the Online Course as well?
  • The content is very similar across both so it’s not compulsory. All the content is within the Online Course so it’s not a necessity. The 2-Day Seminar is an amazing networking opportunity and a different experience and way of learning all together to the Online Course, so we strongly recommend.

  • If I were to sign up to the Online Course now, could I start this and then attend Grow My Music Seminar in November?
  • Yes. You gain instant access to the Online Course upon completion of payment. You can then study at your own pace on your phone or computer and you’ll receive an invite to the seminar closer to November.

  • What are the dates of the 2-Day Seminar?
  • Sydney – Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of November, 2018.
    November – Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of November, 2018.

  • I’m interested in Artist Management, will the content be relevant to me?
  • Yes, incredibly so! By learning our material, you’ll know far more than majority of the managers currently operating. You’ll quickly become extremely valuable and sort after by artists as there is far less artist managers than artists. We also provide you with a huge range of contacts in every area of the music industry. Since it’s one of the biggest ‘Who you know’ industries there is, this is an incredible resource.

  • How is the Online Course delivered?
  • The Online Course is delivered via short videos and resources which you can stream and download either on your phone or computer any time. You set your own learning schedule. You simply log into our site and watch everything there. We encourage all students to download the Grow My Music phone app as well so they can watch content when on the go.

  • Are courses accredited?
  • Our courses are unaccredited, with our dynamic content there is no way that they could be. This also keeps the cost of the course down incredibly. We give away resources such as notable people’s emails, processes of how to professionally service singles and albums to radio, and how to market your music, shows and merch like major corporates do theirs such as Apple, Netflix etc. Essentially we’re too specific and update our content frequently as the industry does. These are resources which a training package generated by the Industry Skills Council could not generate.

    All attendees of the 2-Day Seminar will receive a certificate of attendance. This is highly recognised by the majority of people and music companies within the Australian music industry – as we’re already official partners with most of them!

  • Are you paid by any of the music companies, industry experts or anyone else you talk about?
  • No. We take an incredibly objective approach to the information we distribute. This has all come from our own wins and losses and we’ve filtered it all down to the cream of the crop for students. This is fundamentally how we fast track students careers.

  • Is there a Grow My Music mobile app?
  • Currently the app is available for free for Android and will be available shortly for iOS.

  • What will I get out of the Course?
  • The music industry has never been more competitive. This means you need to educate yourself or you will be just another drop in the ocean. The Grow My Music Course is designed by musicians and artist managers for musicians and artist managers. You will be leagues ahead of the pack. We teach practical techniques which have been proven to boost your exposure, online reach, and market presence. If you want to live off your music then doing the Grow My Music course is a must.

    In addition to the course every student receives;

    • Grow My Music Partners List
    • An Industry Profesionial one-on-one consultation
    • A customised action plan for your next single / EP / album
    • Social Media Cheat Sheet
    • Common contracts (worth over $7,000)
    • Email Support to Grow My Music coaches
    • Access to private Grow My Music networking Facebook group
    • Access to our Master Classes
    • Additional resources
  • Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?
  • Yes, however some conditions apply. Remember your success is our success so we want your career to flourish as quickly as possible. Grow My Music coaches are available to you to assist you through any challenges, barriers and answer any questions. We’ve got your back!

    Also we haven’t had a student ask for a refund to date. We back our pony!

    You can view our terms and conditions here.

  • Can I see some content before I launch in?
  • You sure can. The free webinar is available to view now here.

  • Can I see a course overview?
  • Sure can. For a summary click here and then click the ‘Course Content’ tab or grab a course guide by entering your details in this page.

  • How do the Industry Consultations work?
  • You let us know what area you’d like one-on-one tailored expert advice in or the area you’d like to pitch in and then we organise your consultation for you. Most consults occur over Skype however if a student is in the same city as that industry expert then face to face consults can occur.

    Areas for consults include;

    • Hit Song Writer
    • Hit Producer
    • A renowned manager
    • An A&R at a publisher
    • An A&R at a record label
    • Social media expert
    • A renowned artist
    • Booking Agent/festival promoter
  • Do I get an Industry Consult if I enrol in the course?
  • Yes. This is included in your registration fee.

  • Can I book a One-on-One Industry Consult without registering for the course?
  • Yes you can here.

  • When should I do my Industry Consult?
  • This is up to you. You can do it anytime you’re ready. Although we do recommend doing it after viewing the course material or attending the 2-Day Seminar as you will change a lot about how you present yourself and come across. This way you’ll present a lot more appealing to the industry professional and it could lead to further opportunities.

  • Have the contract templates you provide students been drafted by practicing lawyers?
  • Yes. Each contract has been created by specialist lawyers in the music and media industry and have cost Grow My Music thousands to create. It’s unheard of that students would receive contracts and agreements of this value and quality upon enrolling.

  • Is the Private Facebook Group even a thing?
  • Yes, and it sounds simple, but it’s extremely valuable and is flourishing! We have students and Grow My Music coaches posting daily about tips, tricks, contacts, wins, and more. Grow My Music coaches answer questions in there and post key industry updates in there as well so everyone can have their finger on the pulse constantly. So much networking occurs within this group and some amazing collaborations have come out of it. Believe it or not, heaps of business gets done over Facebook.

For any further questions please email;

Grow My Music Pty. Ltd, ABN 58 610 151 507, Level 1, 9-13 Bibby Street, Chiswick, NSW, Australia, 2046
Australia: 02 8005 1377    International: +612 8005 1377

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