We won’t tell you to follow your dreams, we assume you’re already doing that. We prefer to get straight to the key strategies you can use to massively grow your music career.


Success is simple.. Just work out where you want to be and then understand and plan the steps you’ll take in order to get there.

Grow My Music’s 2-Day Trainings are intensive, information-rich sessions precisely structured to help aspiring musicians and industry types leapfrog YEARS ahead of their current position. If you’re serious about a career then this training is essential.

This is how our students have;

  • Gained high rotation on major radio stations
  • Signed recording and publishing deals
  • Signed management deals
  • Met the right people to grow their music
  • Sold out shows and tours
  • Landed major support tours
  • Grown their online audience by over 20,000 organically in under a week


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