2-Day Seminar


Learn exactly how to live off your music, guaranteed!

Grow My Music take a no-bull approach to the information we deliver. The course is intensive and provides key industry practices to musicians and artist managers, looking to live off their music and grow their success incredibly.

What you won’t learn

  • You won’t be told once to follow your dreams
  • You won’t be provided with a bunch of convoluted and complex information that you can’t implement yourself
  • You won’t be told any information in “general terms”; we only give specific, direct and practical advice that artists can use easily and instantly!
  • You won’t be told that you can succeed if your music is rubbish, your music needs to be brilliant and we will assume you are working on perfecting your craft and writing / producing great songs. We will also provide artists with avenues and advice on how they can capitalise on their song writing potential.

The seminar is for

  • Artists looking to obtain more shows and sell them out
  • Artists looking to obtain more radio play
  • Artists looking to make more money
  • Unsigned artists to learn how to operate at the same level of those signed to a major label
  • Artists looking to learn correct practices in every area of the music industry including;
    • Publishing
    • TV, Movie, and Commercial music Sync’s and how to increase these opportunities for your music
    • Writing
    • Labels
    • Recording
    • Accounting
    • Legal
    • Radio
    • Copyright
    • Contracts
    • Money
    • Contacts
    • Getting signed
    • Booking agents
    • Branding
    • Digital distribution
    • Social media
    • Marketing
    • Protools / Logic
    • Mixing
    • Mastering
    • Music sales
    • Royalties
    • Merchandise
    • STRATEGY!!!

What will occur during the seminar?

There is literally too much to list everything as it should really be a 3 or 4 day seminar, it’s loaded! Here’s just some of the stuff you’ll learn;

  • How to release music effectively to increase reach and maximise your success and sales
  • 10 essential steps to sell out your shows
  • The top 11 mistakes EVERY artist/band makes and how to avoid them easily and save yourself thousands in the process
  • How to pitch correctly to labels, publishers, managers, and booking agents.
  • How to fail – this is important because if you know exactly how to fail you know exactly what not to do!
  • Music sales
  • Digital distribution – the most effective way to distribute your music
  • Servicing to radio
  • How to get more radio play
  • Television, movie, commercial and video games synch’s and how to secure them
  • Correct branding (this sounds so simple but it’s is CRUCIAL)
  • How to create your digital marketing campaign to increase your traffic and income
  • 45 ways to make money as a musician
  • Expert advice from specialised music accountants who will help you with your business structure, minimise the tax you pay, and maximises your tax returns
  • Expert advice from a music lawyers about key mistakes when entering into contracts with anyone, and what you should ALWAYS negotiate
  • Hear multiple platinum selling Australian artists, discuss specific key strategies they’ve used to get where they have
  • The back end digital marketing strategy that large corporate’s use which has 49% higher conversion / sales rates than front end Facebook marketing i.e. boosting a post.
  • How to automate your music business and save heaps of time
  • The most effective apps, programs and websites to increase efficiency and also save you money
  • Label and Publishing A & R’s explain what turns them on and what definitely turns them off

Guest Speakers

The guest speakers across the weekend will include renowned people from the music industry including;

  • Multi-Platinum selling artists
  • Managers
  • Music Accountants
  • Arts Lawyers
  • Hit Song Writers
  • Hit Producers / Engineers

What will occur after the seminar?

You won’t leave the seminar without having scheduled writing sessions with other artists or artists you manage, that are keen to collaborate. In addition, we have renowned producers keen to develop your songs with you so you can schedule sessions with them. This is your right and duty as a song writer and artist!

You will have the ‘know how’ of how to build a well-oiled merchandise selling machine which will end up funding a lot of your musical endeavours – even if you don’t currently have a strong fan base!

We will also teach you the big business digital marketing technique which major corporate’s use.. You think Apple are just boosting their posts on Facebook! Our artists have gone from selling one album a month to multiple per day with this super simple technique which you program once and let the sales come in.

2 Day Seminar vs. Online Course

The good news is, if you enroll in one you gain access to the other. The landscape and digital climate of the music industry changes almost every month so we recommend you doing BOTH!

If you enroll in the 2 Day seminar it’s not compulsory to view the online material prior, consider it a bonus if you wish to. Although you’d be crazy not to.

The online course provides you with a library of bite sized videos, averaging 10 minutes each, which you can watch and learn at any time. We call this form of learning ‘snacking’. There are no assessments, however people who attend the 2 day seminar receive a certificate afterwards to acknowledge their attendance. This is highly valued by music companies as key professional development, just ask any of our many industry partners.

Dates for 2 day Seminars in 2017 include:

Sydney – Nov 4th and 5th
Melbourne – Nov 18th and 19th

Your Investment

We haven’t had a student that hasn’t made their money back plus more after enrolling. This is why we call it an investment, because that’s exactly what it is. Your enrolment is also 100% tax deductible.

Grow My Music understands that finding the finance to attend can be tricky for some.

Payment options include;
One payment of $1497.00AUD or 4 payments of $399.25AUD. This will transform your music career entirely.

We back our pony so much that we offer a full money back satisfaction guarantee.
It’s 100% risk free!

Don’t miss your chance, you will kick yourself we promise.

Grow My Music "Partner List"

Artists who attend will have access to the Grow My Music partners list! This is an enormous list of incredibly talented individuals who are very keen to work with Grow My Music students.

All names listed on the Grow My Music Partner List offer Grow My Music students discounted prices on their services as well. Categories include;

  • Mixing engineers
  • Mastering engineers
  • Producers
  • Session players
  • Studios
  • Graphic designers
  • Video directors
  • Merchandise companies
  • Printing companies
  • Publicists
  • Radio plugger’s
  • Booking agents
  • Photographers
  • Accountants
  • Arts lawyers
  • Motion graphics specialists
  • And much, much more!


Students who register gain immediate access to a variety of common contracts that will appear throughout every musicians’ career. These contracts have been developed by highly qualified arts lawyers and have been specifically designed so that ANY student can appropriate them easily to their own situation. The combined value of these contracts is in excess of $7,100 however we provide every Grow My Music student a copy of them all for them to have and use for life. These contracts include;

  • Band Agreement
  • Booking Agreement
  • Licensing Agreement
  • LIcensing Request Form
  • Management Agreement
  • Co-write and Performer Release
  • Performer Release

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Instantly, every student is provided with a cheat sheet which is specifically designed to increase the productivity and virility of each social media endeavour. This is a little gold mine which will allow you to massively improve the success of your posts starting TODAY.

Master Classes

Every student who enrols will get instant access to all 6 of our Master Classes. Students attending the seminar have access to the Musician Accounting and the Legal master classes regardless, you then pick 2 more on top. These are normally charged at $250 per class. The Master Classes are aimed at bridging the gap between beginner and expert in their specific field. The Masterclasses offered include;

  • Production & Engineering
  • Management
  • Hit Song Writing
  • Musician Accounting
  • Legal
  • Mastering your Live Show

Industry Consultation

If you’ve ever wanted to get your music in front of an industry professional now is your chance.

For the first time ever, Grow My Music have made it possible for aspiring artists to get their music in front of key industry people!! All students enrolled are entitled to one ‘one on one’ consultation with an industry professional in one of the following categories;

  • A&R at a publisher
  • A&R at a record label
  • A renowned manager
  • A renowned artist
  • Marketing manager
  • Social media expert
  • Promoter
  • Producer
  • APRA staff member
  • Hit producer

Private Facebook Group

This is a closed group which is exclusively allocated to Grow My Music students. Here’ you have direct access to ask questions with your Grow My Music coaches. Networking, co-writing, and collaboration opportunities are generated every day through here as well.

Grow My Music Pty. Ltd, ABN 58 610 151 507, Level 1, 9-13 Bibby Street, Chiswick, NSW, Australia, 2046
Australia: 02 8005 1377    International: +612 8005 1377

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