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It’s like your own Virtual Artist Manager



The Grow My Music ‘Virtual Artist Manager’ Mobile App for iOS and Android, is a first of its kind. Each month, it services subscribed artists songs to new music companies for them to consider, including;

  • Streaming services
  • TV, Movie, Commercial and Video Game Agencies
  • Publishers
  • Record Labels
  • Booking Agents– and more!




Each month you also get to pick 3 x $50 discounts in the following areas

  • World Class Mixing Engineers
  • World Class Mastering Engineers
  • Producers
  • Merchandise Companies
  • CD pressing companies
  • Photographers
  • Video Clip Directors
  • Printers (Poster, Stickers, Skate Decks etc.)
  • Publicists
  • Rehearsal Studios
  • Lyric Video Creators
  • Studios
  • Graphic Designers
  • Website Designers
  • Grow My Music Courses / Services
  • Musician Accountants
  • Music Lawyers
  • Vocalists / Top Liners



The app costs $19 a month (exc. GST) so it’s much more expensive to NOT own it! Plus every contact we connect you with are arguably some of the most reputable in the country within their field. NOTE: It’s cheapest to register via our website directly than through the app store.

Other benefits of the app include access to hit-producers catalogues, access to our Private Facebook Group (this is the most valuable world for an artist), special industry invites to Writing Holiday’s, free music business and artist strategy tutorial videos of how to nail your music career and much more!

Finally, all Virtual Artist Manager subscribers receive a free invite to our annual 2-Day Seminar’s which cost $1497.

Grow My Music Pty. Ltd, ABN 58 610 151 507, Level 1, 9-13 Bibby Street, Chiswick, NSW, Australia, 2046
Australia: 02 8005 1377    International: +612 8005 1377

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