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15 Press Release Writing Tips

Press Releases tend to accompany a pitch to any music supervisor or editor that you’re hoping will add your song to radio, write about you, add your song to playlist etc.

Knowing how to structure one professionally is key to making a good first impression. Here are some tips below as well as our Press Release Creator to make sure you nail your presser!

  • Speak less about the song and more about what the artist / band is up to! Your job is to enrol the radio presenter on why they should play your song over and over and over! Examples of this could be you have some shows coming up or you’ve reached over 50,000 people online, or a blog has written about you or you have an album coming up or you’re going to LA to do some writing, or has a notable artist tweeted about you or worked with you etc etc. Mention the cool shit you have going on! If others are interested in you then they will be too!
  • Provide two or more points that are interesting enough that a radio presenter might mention them on air.
  • Steer clear of basic words like ‘good’, ‘cool’, ‘awesome’, use descriptive words like ‘earthy’, ‘electric’, ‘grimy’, ‘soulful’ etc.
  • Remember the presenter will listen to it, so you don’t have to tell them how the song sounds but you do want to influence their perception whilst listening to it eg “With lengthy and lightly amped guitar tones reminiscent of Oasis”.
  • Keep it to one page!
  • Space it out accordingly, avoid big blocks of text.
  • Include a lyric quote form the song, if the song has a grabbing lyric.
  • Put artist’s names in bold
  • Put song titles and album titles in italics
  • When listing featuring artists, mix engineers, producers, mastering engineers (essentially anyone worth mentioning) in brackets after their name list the most notable artist’s they’ve worked with for example Joel Letterman (Meg Mac, Lilly Allen)
  • Include a picture of the single’s cover at the top of the press release. If you’re servicing an album or EP then include the album or EP cover.
  • Include a release date under the cover
  • Perhaps mention key details about how the song was made.
  • Get a feedback from friends before you submit. Ideally a friend who understands grammar and literacy quite well.
  • Make sure all the important information is included in your first paragraph. Journalists are extremely time poor, make your first paragraph count!
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