"I saved $100 in the first 10 mins of using the Grow My Music App. $50 off a lyric video and $50 off of a film clip director. This thing is awesome! "


"Congratulations to Grow My Music student Fluir on securing high rotation on Triple J with her single ‘Only One’."

Triple J High Rotation

"Thanks for putting together the Grow My Music Seminar, was extremely helpful and a great way to meet fellow musicians."


"Grow My Music congratulates Pachisquid on his recent Triple J play with single 'Rainbow Sky Squid'"


"Holy sh*t went from 4.5k to 16k likes on the page over night! What the sh*t."

Mini Coop

"Hi all, just thought I'd share a little story which has changed my perspective on all this stuff a little bit...
AFTER attending the GMM seminar and taking on board what I learnt I realised that I had been barking up the wrong tree trying to get my niche (rnb/funk) music on the JJJ's and into indie blogs in Australia. I had spent thousands on music videos/publicity/radio servicing etc. trying to break through with little to no results and was burnt out by it all to say the least. My bandmate and I started tracking who was actually listening and buying our music primarily on Bandcamp and to our surprise realised it was mostly record collectors and niche music fans in Japan, UK, Smaller cities in the US (Detroit/Chicago) and France. We researched all the hashtags, blogs, playlists etc. that these guys were following mostly on Bandcamp and Soundcloud (R.I.P) For our last 2 singles we tried a completely different approach, for the first time we didn't hire a publicist we didn't focus on the JJJ's I just emailed a billion niche blogs and radio stations and similar artists/dj's ANYWAY our most recent single got over 5000 plays on Soundcloud in it's first week, we are making money in our sleep on Bandcamp and we have signed a record deal for Japan/Korea with one of the biggest indie labels in that region. SURE we're not blowing up any airwaves or getting booked for massive Aussie festivals BUT we are making money and our inbox is full of emails from blogs (mostly) international AND we have promoters festivals willing to PAY FOR US TO TOUR Japan and Europe! I didn't write this post to brag or anything I am just grateful for the change in thinking I gained from GMM and as someone who wasted SO MUCH MONEY barking up the wrong tree I thought this might help anyone else in this group making music that doesn't seem to fit in with what’s happening in the industry around you. This wasn't what I set out for or wanted... (I wanted to be the next big thing blowing up triple J and headlining Meredith) BUT this under the radar stuff is pretty fun and it feels good to know people are genuinely loving your music all over the world. SORRY FOR THE VERY LONG POST, hope it's interesting to someone!

The grow my music seminar is invaluable to anyone who wants to navigate the changing music industry and build a career utilising new marketing and social media platforms. Marty and Luke are incredibly helpful and generous with their time and catered the seminar to each student in the room. If like us you’re finding yourself hitting the same ceiling again and again I highly recommend attending the seminar and giving yourself a head start!"

Au Dray

"Grow My Music congratulates AniKiko in landing her first two TV show sync’s on the best-selling book turn TV series ‘Confess’."


"Congratulations to Grow My Music student KG on securing Triple J Unearthed feature artist."


"Dropped our single on Friday and our name is like a wild fire all over the internet now. More than a dozen media pages pumping out the news about us.

The heavy music publicist I hooked up with and used through Grow My Music, coupled with the entire Grow My Music course and guidance has started to take me places.

12 news-pieces in the last 3 days since the single release and now Triple J. I couldn't be more thankful!"

Matt Dubya (The Elk Collective)

"I got asked to go to the Warner Music HQ in Sydney."


"Grow My Music congratulates Nhostic on landing his first movie sync for forth-coming movie ‘Yesterday’s Girl’."


"I recently attended Grow My Music’s two day seminar in Sydney. As a local Hip/Hop artist starting up, I was interested in learning more about how to build my brand, how to market it to my target audience and how to make money in the process.

The knowledge that I took away with me greatly exceeded my expectations. Both Martin and Luke who run the seminar, impart knowledge that is based on their personal experiences, both as artists and as managers in the music industry. Not only that, they bring in specialists such as a Hit Maker, Musical Director and Producer/Mixer to help you understand other areas of the industry.

This abundance of specialists over the course of the Seminar resulted in a tool-kit that you can take away with you to help yourself or your band succeed in the music industry. No artist or band is the same, and not one approach works for everyone. However, everything that you need to know is uncovered in this amazing seminar.

One thing I liked was their honesty. Both Martin and Luke want you to learn from their successes, but more importantly from their mistakes. Their insights into the industry are invaluable, and I can definitely say this seminar was the best investment I have made into my music career to date.

I found the overall experience not only very insightful but a lot of fun as well. Meeting other artists in the same position as me was exciting and motivational. The ability to have an open discussion with the specialists in their respective fields was fantastic and definitely a highlight of the seminar.

I would recommend the Grow My Music Seminar to any solo artist, band or manager who is trying to make a career out of music. The tool-kit that you walk away with is invaluable and will definitely progress your career in the right direction. I can’t stress enough how much you will benefit from this seminar. Grow My Music is a family and the support doesn’t end after the seminar. Everyone is in it together."

Alex Campbell

"I went along to the free Grow My Music talk not really knowing what to expect or if I would get anything out of it but hey, it was free, so what the hey. I walked into that talk thinking there is no way to make a living as a musician in Australia and walked out of it having signed up for the 2 day seminar. Luke and Marty gave us so much practical, expert information backed up by real life experience in the music industry in that 2 hours, it gave me hope, focus and direction: I CAN make money from music, and here’s how. The Grow My Music Seminar was a great 2 days, with a lovely bunch of people – other artists, managers, audio engineers – and packed full of really useful, important stuff. As was mentioned during the Seminar, “you don’t know what you don’t know’. Now I know what I need to know and have the knowledge, tools and resources to keep on learning more. If you have anything to do with music and want to make money from it, and, equally important, not throw large sums of money down the drain, then ‘do yaself a fava’, sign up for a Grow My Music seminar. You won’t regret it."

Vic Young

"I have done hours and hours and hours of research trying to work out how to successfully be an independent musician. Grow my music is a BIG shortcut for musicians and strategies to implement for successful exciting careers plus getting all the foundations right. Covering things like understanding publishing, labels, how you can do it yourself. Royalties, songwriting splits. Social media strategies that the big players use, and things that you may never thought of! Meeting like-minded people and making friends, networking. Luke and Marty are great. I recommend if you’re serious why waste your time and money fluffing around trying to work things out when you can learn from others who are already into it. There’s so many opportunities. May the force be with you."

Lacunae Glow

"My two cents…The thing I love the most about the guys at GMM is the spirit of generosity they’re moving in – their desire to educate, support and encourage artists to thrive is evident…and infectious…and refreshing.

I walk away from the seminar with a sense of “what is possible” – the possibility of surrounding myself with the right people to BE the artist I can be, of “chiselling away at the block” to further define who that is, of being in the driver’s seat of my own social media and marketing strategies, and of being connected to a community of people who are “serious about music”, willing to grow and hell, have some fun along the way!

The seminar is not the end; it is the beginning of operating at a higher level of commitment to my music. GMM have lead me to water, and I’m willing to drink! We all know there are no guarantees, but with the foundational tools at our disposal, we all stand a better chance.

In layman’s terms this all means the seminar provides you with the foundational tools required to build a following, capitalise on social media, make money, build relationships and assess your own strengths and weaknesses.

So, if you’re considering taking the course, consider it an investment that goes beyond the two days. Take the tools, make them yours, come up with your own, share ideas with your friends and be an active part of your creative community. See you at the bar!"

Beck Fielding

"The GMM 2 Day Seminar was hands down the best thing I’ve done all year for my music career. Tired of hitting the same speedbumps wherever I turned, I signed up filled with hope and intrigue. I had brand new music to release and no idea how to do it so for me I decided it was now or never. Attending the seminar has saved me years of wasting time and I now know the exact steps to take in my music career in order to move forward. Luke and Marty are relatable, innovative, witty and extremely knowledgeable about the music industry and everything it entails for independent musicians. Best of all, they’ve done it all themselves and have learnt firsthand what works and what doesn’t. I now have the tools I desperately needed to go forth and conquer. Onwards and upwards! Thanks guys!"


"After the massive amount of info packed into the two days it’s taken me a bit of time to recover. As a learning artist manager representing for now just one startup act Coast & Ocean, I found the information invaluable. The Grow My Music seminar not only explained what was involved in the process of promoting, managing and making a living from and making music a career but did something that I have not found in courses to date – provided a plethora of tools to make things happen and explained how to use them. I am overwhelmed by the the tasks that lie ahead of me, but now I not only have a deeper understanding of what they are and how to attack them… step at a time. Thanks Luke Girgis & Martin Brown and thanks to the guest speakers who also gave fantastic insight particularly the Music Director's, Artist Manager's, and Musician Accountant from One Accounting."

Roman Wowk - Manager, Coast & Ocean

"Absolutely loved the GMM Seminar. Couldn't recommend it enough to anyone interested in learning about the music industry."

Nick from The Khanz

"Soph (my artist) SOLD OUT her debut launch!!

I have been sinking my teeth into the course modules and giving my business a complete overhaul from the things I am learning.

GMM has changed my life and in turn Soph's (my artist) life simply from the crazy incredible knowledge you have planted in my brain. This is the greatest community I've ever connected with in my career and I'm forever thankful to you all for the advice you share and the conversations you have in here (Private Facebook Group). I read it all like a sponge just trying to take it all in and be the best Manager I can possibly be. So from the bottom of my crazy stupidly happy heart, THANK YOU!!"

Rachael Rutkowski (RuckaManagament)

"I have been a recording artist for almost a decade and was signed to a record label by the time I was 22. I'm blown away by how much I didn't know. There's so many gems of knowledge in this course. As well as industry secrets that even the major labels are late to. You will come away feeling like you finally have control over your career as a musician."

Forbes John

"I clocked over 100,000 organic views on my videos post the GMM course. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was overwhelming at first to have it all laid out before you in all its magnitude but now the information is there and I’ve got the tools to make a plan that makes sense. Marty and Luke are great dudes who get straight to the point and dont mince words. I left feeling a renewed enthusiasm and excitement to dive back in head first."

Tomi Gray

"Less than a week in and I have a new income stream."

Finn Baulch

"Though I have made a living from being a musician most of my life a lot of what was presented let me know what I was already doing in a basic way that can be improved on and what I need to incorporate that I wasn't doing. Specially for my next CD launch and tours. Thank you for making available all this very practical information. You have changed my way of thinking about being a songwriter and artist. It will assist me and give me confidence when wearing the different hats of songwriter, performer, producer, manager, publicist, & marketer. "

Don Hopkins

"Learnt so much this weekend. I recommend Grow My Music to anyone and everyone interested in developing any area of music they maybe interested in. Manager, artist, band whatever it is you need to do this. You will be thrown forward in time and given a massive boost in your career. It’s then up to you to take this information and use it. Martin & Luke are exceptional people and I’ll be keeping in contact with them and hopefully working with them in the near future. Thanks, so much guys.

Scars Alive

"Before Grow My Music I had no direction - now I have an action plan and a million contacts that are absolutely priceless. This was without a doubt the best investment of my career thus far.


"Eye opening!

Rachel Parkinson, Little Feet Music (Children's band)

"You have no idea what you don't know until it's put in front of you. I think I know a lot, but GMM covered so many things I had no idea about, or even existed. A fantastic few days that I can highly recommend to anyone trying to navigate a musical career in today's or tomorrow's non record company dominated world.

Damien Young, Little Feet Music (Children's band)

"The most fun you can have understanding the business of the Music Business.

Andrew Thompson (The Khanz manager)

"Grow My Music equipped me with the knowledge and tools to be successful in the music industry, regardless of genre. What is most valuable for me is knowing how to make a professional plan for releasing and marketing my music. Every strategy and tool you are given is step by step, practical and relevant. As the saying goes, You don't know what you don't know. I could not recommend Grow My Music higher, these legends truly care.

Matt Wells

"It's such a great seminar that this is my second year attending. I got just as much out of the second year as I did out of the first as they evolve their content as the industry changes. Amazing opportunity to network and learn from the experts before taking it away and applying it to our own music careers. Grow My Music genuinely care about teaching us how to improve our own careers and are willing to help and provide the advice and knowledge we need to empower ourselves and further our careers. "

Renee Jonas

"Would definitely recommended all musicians, artists etc that are serious about their career take this opportunity to invest in learning Grow My Music's knowledge. It’s about working smarter not harder and the more you know and can do for yourself the more control you have over your career & therefore your successes are up to you!"

Sarah Hyde

"Attending the Grow my music seminar, was in many ways invaluable for me.
I was honestly astounded by what I discovered and experienced.
The whole weekend had quite a profound impact on me and I would highly recommend it to any one
seeking a career in the music industry, at any level, to enroll in the two day seminar.
It could quite possibly be the best investment you will make."


"The Grow My Music team are doing a great job in providing an impressive array of resources and options for artists, writers, and creators to pursue – and achieve success with – their musical dreams professionally."

MC Pony

"Often I can get overwhelmed by the many things there are to do as an artist and the Grow My Music seminar broke it down and made it all feel very achievable. If you are lost with marketing, releasing, social media and/or a general plan for music I can’t recommend this seminar more!"


"Great work, I learned more than I ever expected, and thought that there was actually to learn. Made me think about things that I had never thought of before, as to who is my audience, and what is my motivations, and ambitions. Asking myself daily questions about each decision I make, and altering and monitoring my social media. Thanks,I had a great time."


"Great teachers, great structure and all round got the most out of the time."


"I learned an incredible amount about online marketing and exploring/diversifying your options when it comes to promotion/merch/sales in general. I also learnt some great advice on how to approach potential partners and cold emailing. It was a great course."


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